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The sudo command itself gives you an option to check if a user can run commands with sudo or not. In fact, it tells you what commands a certain user can run with sudo. To check the sudo access for a user, run the following command: sudo -l -U user_name. If the user can run a few or all commands with sudo, you should see an output like this: logs - Details about sudo commands executed by all user Details about sudo commands executed by all user. Ask Question Asked 5 years, 8 months ago. Active 4 months ago. Viewed 32k times 10. 3. From which log can I get details about sudo commands executed by any user. It should contain the working directory, command, user. It will be helpful if you could provide me a shell script to do so Sudo command in Linux - JournalDev

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Sudo uses the /etc/sudoers file to determine whether a user is authorized to use sudo and which commands the user is able to execute. Once the user is authenticated, sudo will execute any command Using Sudo to Limit Access - Annvix The fourth tells sudo to let Joe, who is our main sysadmin, to use the SU alias (to run su) on all machines without entering a password (more on this in a moment). And the final stanza tells sudo to allow Bob, who is sometimes required to do maintenance on the LAN machines, to run the commands in the BIN alias on the machines in the LAN alias.

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