Sep 06, 2017

How to Check Your Laptop Battery Health in Windows 10 | PCMag The good news is that Windows 10 laptops have a Battery Report feature that breaks down whether your battery is still kicking or is on its last legs. With a few simple commands, you can generate Check if Disk is MBR or GPT in Windows | Tutorials May 16, 2019 How to find Java version in Windows or Mac - Manual method The Java version can be found: under the Windows Start Menu; in the Java Control Panel (Windows and Mac); under Programs of the Windows Control Panel; in terminal window command line (Mac); Use any of these options if you are having trouble running applets to confirm that you have a specific Java version.

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Aug 18, 2015 How to Check When Your Windows 10 Build is Expiring Nov 29, 2018 How to check windows version in pc/laptop - YouTube Oct 05, 2017