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Mar 01, 2020 Aggressive mode - VPN and IPSec tutorial Aggressive mode can be used within the phase 1 VPN negotiations, as opposed to Main mode. Aggressive mode takes part in fewer packet exchanges. Aggressive mode does not give identity protection of the two IKE peers, unless digital certificates are used. This means VPN peers exchange their identities without encryption (clear text). Outlook Disconnected from exchange over VPN Solutions Apr 12, 2013

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Internet Key Exchange (IKE) for VPN

IPSEC & IKE The goal of the Internet Key Exchange (IKE) is for both sides to independently produce the same symmetrical key. This key then encrypts and decrypts the regular IP packets used in the bulk transfer of data between VPN peers. IKE builds the VPN tunnel by authenticating both sides and reaching an agreement on methods of encryption and integrity. Using RSA public key exchange - How RSA encryption works