1. OpenDNS Family Shield. OpenDNS was one of the first to offer free DNS servers with adult content filtering back in 2010. It is possible to create a free account and customize the DNS service with extra filters (such as blocking social networks, P2P or gambling), domain blocking and even creating a custom block …

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OpenDNS provides free and secure public DNS for better web surfing experience. An earlier article described how to configure Windows/Linux systems to use OpenDNS.. Besides this, it also provides free web filtering features for home users that can be used to block inappropriate websites, specific domains or entire categories of websites.

May 07, 2015 Jun 15, 2020 · For example, all OpenDNS solutions block end-users from navigating to known phishing and Conficker Command and Control Callback websites. OpenDNS solutions such as FamilyShield use additional filtering features managed by OpenDNS, which makes FamilyShield the fastest and easiest way to protect children from adult content on the Internet. Aug 22, 2018 · OpenDNS is a free DNS service can be used to filter the websites on your home network for free. In addition to the pre-configured filtering, you can customize the filtering to secure your network. If you want to block individual websites from home network, you can use OpenDNS to add these websites into blacklist to block these sites.

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