Yum. Happy Sheep is just delicious hot pot. The broths ( I like to have both regular and spicy) are rich and tasty. The food is always delicious. The lunchtime ayce is really generous! I come here all the time. Ok, 4 stars, because they really do need more people working there. The staff is always friendly, though.

#LunarUBC: Happy Year of the Sheep - YouTube Feb 19, 2015 Happy Ewe Year: Astrological signs bad for the Sheep Year A U.S. diplomat at a council meeting earlier this month wished China, this month’s council president, a happy “Year of the Sheep.” During the seven-day holiday that started Wednesday, the world’s second-biggest economy largely shuts down. Happy Year of the Sheep – The Rosenbach Happy Year of the Sheep Kathy Haas February 27, 2015 February 21, 2017 In honor of the year of the sheep (a.k.a. the year of the goat), which began last week (February 19), we bring you G. Martin’s Natural History Cards from the 1820s.

Lightning, Hope, and Vanille (Final Fantasy 13) with the sheep from the game, I love those things. Happy belated Chinese New Year!! I drew this way back at the start of January, then I was going to post it here when it was Chinese New Year last month, and now here I am posting in the middle of March

last night colleen and i went to bullwinkles- that cabaret place with the hats thats owned by the ex stripper who plays the accordian. colleen mentioned i could sing, and so they made me sing a song- and they ended up making me sing for an hour and a half before i finally just told them that i was… Happy Year of the Sheep 2027 funny cartoon sheep. card Two large fluffy, white sheep are standing in a vivid green field, they are conversing with each other, one is saying 'Happy 2027' Inside, the card says 'It's the Year of the sheep! ', 'Wishing you happiness, prosperity and health in the new year!'. A funky card to wish anyone a fantastic Chinese New Year. Loading 2 Happy Year of the Sheep/Ram/Goat! - Talk And Co

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Happy Year Of The Sheep The year of the sheep is drawing near. bringing with it prosperity. It’s here to spread lots of happiness, peace, and harmony. The year of the sheep is one without war. supposedly filled with nothing bad. It’s a year for people to unite, Happy Year of the Sheep! - Compassionate Closet