Cannot connect to LDAP SSL with Error 81 on server with

Unable to connect to LDAP server - Joomla! Forum Oct 17, 2015 LDAP Communication Error | SonicWall The SonicWall establishes a TCP connection with the LDAP Server on Port 389 (or Port 636 if using TLS). The SonicWall binds to the LDAP Server, authenticating itself using the DN (Distinguished Name) format of the Login User Name and User tree for login to server. EXAMPLE:the name in the LDAP BindRequest is cn=SWAdmin,cn=Users,dc=rowley,dc=com. SCCM 2012 sp1 cross-forest, cannot contact LDAP server

Cannot connect to LDAP Server on port 389, 3268 and 636. Obtain the Domain Controllers Self-Signed SSL Server Certificate. NOTE: One can refer to the Windows security group to obtain the required Once the appropriate certificate is obtained, one must install the certificate in the Trusted Root

Unable to authenticate with the LDAP server. Verify the

Error when checking ldap configuration. simple bind failed.

Cannot connect to the LDAP server | Oracle Community Jun 24, 2010 Scan to Network Errors and Suggested - Lexmark Support