Importing Your Gamertag During Xbox One Initial Setup. During the set up of your Xbox One console, you will be prompted to sign into Xbox Live using your Microsoft account e-mail address. This can

Jun 24, 2015 · Once your router is set up to run a VPN connection all that is required is to turn on your Xbox 360 & Xbox One WiFi to connect to the router. Here is how to do it: On your Xbox 360 & Xbox One controller, press the ‘LIVE’ button to go into the menu. Now, go to ‘Settings’ tab and then select ‘System Settings’. Sep 30, 2007 · I've set it up for him, be he can't join Xbox Live. Every time he goes to "Join Xbox Live", one of 3 things happens: 1) It comes up saying "Connecting to Xbox Live" then immediately comes up with a message saying "Xbox Live signup is currently unavailabe, please try again later" (this happened rarely, only once or twice in the dozens of times I Jan 20, 2008 · This can be done through account recovery. To use the Account Recovery feature, just follow these steps: 1. On the Xbox Live Now Dashboard, press the B button to move to the Select Account screen. If you are on the Main Menu screen, press the directional pad (D-pad) up or down to select Xbox Live, and then press the A button. 2. Xbox Live Silver is free but does not have the same advantages as what the paid Xbox Live Gold membership has. To sign up for Live all you need is a free hotmail address and then visit to sign up for a free silver account. Fast forward to 2013 and the Xbox 360 has a few new tricks up its sleeve. Aside from going through some design revisions, cloud functionality and numerous new software features, there is one of those features that really stands out and it's all part of Microsoft's vision for three screens and a cloud: Xbox SmartGlass.

If I set up an Xbox LiVE account on the Xbox 360, can I use it with the Original Xbox? The idea just popped into my head a few days ago. User Info: SnaffleJBean. SnaffleJBean - 11 years ago. Top Voted Answer. Not anymore. As of today the original Xbox Live has been shut down, and there are no plans to ever start it up again.

You can get Xbox Live Silver which is free, but Xbox Live Gold is not. Xbox Silver gives you access to a profile, friend people, message people, buy apps and use them, and stream. Xbox Live Gold, on the other hand, is paid, costing $9.99 USD a mon How to Use Xbox Cloud Storage: Storing and Backing Up Your How to Set Up a Strong Password in 2020 You can access it if you own an Xbox 360 or Xbox One. That pops up when you can’t connect to the Xbox Live servers and generally means there’s a

Apr 21, 2020

An easier solution would be to add Xbox Live Gold to your parent account and then set your Xbox One as your "Home" Xbox in the console settings. This will allow anyone to use it all the benefits of Gold. So all kids would have the ability to play online. Now if you have more than one Xbox in your house then it just depends on who is using them.