Why is the Windows 10 Mail app so slow? Solved - Page 2 2016-7-24 php - Very slow IMAP connection to Gmail - Stack Overflow 2020-1-26 · Reading the email from my own domain using IMAP. Reading the email from gmail using IMAP. The times for reading 120 emails are very different. For Gmail, the whole script takes about 5secs, with 1.2 connecting and 3.8 reading the emails and 0.1629 connecting and 0.0238. These values are very different to what I would have expected. Yahoo Mail is Slow? Some Tips to Fix Slow Yahoo Load Times Yahoo Mail is a fundamental part of the web for many. Unfortunately, for many, Yahoo Mail is slow to use. "Yahoo Mail is slow" is a top search on many maj Tags: is yahoo slow lately, is yahoo slowing down, slow websites, yahoo is slow, yahoo is slow on my computer, yahoo is slow to load, yahoo is slow today, yahoo is so slow, yahoo mail is slow, yahoo slow 5 quick fixes that help when Outlook is slow « Email &Amp

My wife has an iPad Air 2 and for over a year and just yesterday, it became extremely slow to retrieve mail messages from her GMail account (about 10 minutes to get one message). I tried power cycling and removing and re-adding the GMail account. I tried loading Google's GMail app and it's lightning fast.

Oct 10, 2019 · +1 for the having the exact same issue as original post. I've tried removing the mail app and reinstalling, flipping the mail accounts off/on, and changing the mail view settings (thinking maybe my legacy thread settings are slowing it down). If folders have a very high storage amount in a single folder, it may slow down your mailbox. Is it happening to me? Check your mailbox folders and see how much storage they are taking up. If you find you have a very large one, this could be the cause of the slowness. How to fix


Very slow smtp.gmail.com connection | DigitalOcean Very slow smtp.gmail.com connection. Posted January 14, 2015 19.9k views. I am trying to figure out why my Gmail PHPMailer sends are soooo slow (more than a minute for a tiny email). I tried the following: telnet smtp.gmail.com 587 …I get a message saying that the server is (I added the etc’s) Microsoft Outlook Running Slow with Gmail IMAP ? Speed It 2007-11-7 · Similarly, when you delete messages in your Gmail Inbox, they disappear from your Outlook Inbox as well. But the Gmail IMAP integration with Outlook is not so smooth as POP3 access. Several users have complained that Outlook 2007 freezes (or becomes extremely slow) until the synchronization between Gmail server and Outlook data file is complete. Why is my gmail running slowly? - Telegraph 2011-4-18 · Browser clutter, caused by running too many extensions, plug-ins, add-ons and toolbars, is a common cause. Uninstall or disable the ones that you do not use, which is probably most of them.