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3 Methods to Hide Your Phone Number When Calling Method 1. Hide Caller ID from Phone’s Settings. This method is different for each model or brand. But for an Android phone this is how to make a private call: Open the Phone app. If your phone is one of the newer models, tap the three dots on the top right corner of your screen.

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Mar 13, 2018 · Method 2: Move to SIM and Hide the SIM In the second method, we will be saving the contacts in the SIM memory and then basically just hiding the SIM contacts. On older versions of Android (4.4.4 and below) you can copy existing contacts on your phone to the SIM but on the later versions, you have to select the memory that you want to use while

Oct 09, 2017 Hide phone number - Hide contact Download | ZDNet All of us have certain phone numbers in our contacts which we don't want others to see. So we have created an app where you can hide your selected contact which cannot be accessed or seen without passwordHow does it work1st create your 4 digit password.Enter the app and click on "Contacts"You can access and call the hidden contacts from "Secured" section of the app.When you open the Make your phone number more private | ACMA Your telco automatically bars your silent number from showing up on a phone you call. Sometimes you may want to have your silent number show on a phone you call. To make your number show up when you call another number, dial 1832 (or *31# from a mobile) first and then the number you want to call. How to hide my number when sending a text message - Quora