Enable or Disable File and Printer Sharing in Windows

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Windows Firewall: Allow inbound file and printer sharing

Allows inbound file and printer sharing. To do this Windows Firewall opens UDP ports 137 and 138 and TCP ports 139 and 445.If you enable this policy setting Windows Firewall opens these ports so that this computer can receive print jobs and requests for access to shared files. Jan 10, 2019 · The Win 7 PC Firewall and found that “File and Printer Sharing” will not stay set. The Win 7 Network and Sharing Center “File and Printer Sharing” will not stay set. Also Network Discovery is turned on. The Win 7 Services are set as follows, a few were not started: o Computer Browser - Automatic o DHCP Client - Automatic o DNS Client If you cannot connect using either TCP port 139 or TCP port 445, verify that File And Printer Sharing is enabled on the server. Then, verify that the server has a firewall exception for TCP ports 139 and 445 or that an exception in Windows Firewall is enabled for File And Printer Sharing.

Disable or Enable File and Printer Sharing in Windows 10

Jan 31, 2017 Solved: Windows 10 File Sharing Not Working [4 Ways + 1 Tip] Jul 07, 2020 active directory - Blocking File and Printer Sharing on I have a Windows 2012 R2 domain controller that doesn't need any Filter and Printer sharing ports open, so in an attempt to harden the server I've tried disabling the rules in the "File and Printer Sharing" group. However, every time I reboot, the rules keep getting enabled. How To Create Windows Firewall Inbound Rules For SCCM