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Overview. To start an interaction session with a nearby device, an app checks for nearby peer devices. When the app finds a peer, it creates an NISession and sends the session’s discovery Token to the peer using the network technology on which they have agreed. An app can use MultipeerConnectivity to find nearby peers and exchange discovery tokens over the local network. Can any Bitcoin client do local peer discovery and I imagine this would work something like how BitTorrent local peer discovery works, where two clients on the same subnet discover each other through multicast groups and then negotiate transfer of data. Agenda Discovery | Local Government Agenda Alert Company Agenda Discovery alerts customers about the issues that impact their industry and organization. We serve any company regulated by or working with a local government. Most of our clients are located in the Western United States, some include, the Town of Queen Creek and California American Water. About Us | Agenda Discovery | Local Government Agenda

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Local Peer Discovery - WikiMili, The Free Encyclopedia Apr 20, 2019 What is Peer Discovery? - Definition from Techopedia Peer discovery is the process of locating nodes or peers for data communication in a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. It is performed by a P2P client, which uses protocols and other network communication techniques to find peers within local and remote networks.

Abstract. Zeroconf is a collection of protocols including ipv4 link local networking, mDNS, and DNS service-discovery.This document aims to outline an extension for BitTorrent clients to allow them to find peers on a local-link network using the zeroconf DNS service-discovery system. It was written in the hope that clients could standardise the way in which they found peers on the local-link

DHT, Local Peer Discovery, and Peer Exchange..Not allowed Feb 01, 2011 Local Peer Discovery - Infogalactic: the planetary The Local Peer Discovery protocol is an extension to the BitTorrent file-distribution system. It is designed to support the discovery of local BitTorrent peers, aiming to minimize the traffic through the Internet service provider's (ISP) channel and maximize use of higher-bandwidth local area network (LAN).