Should you delete files from Dropbox, and how to do It

How to sign up for Dropbox. To sign up for a Dropbox account: Create an account on Type your name and email address (your email address is the username for your Dropbox account). Type a unique password. Click the box to agree to the Dropbox terms. Click Create an account. How to delete your Dropbox account in 5 simple steps May 15, 2020 How to delete your Dropbox account - Dec 20, 2015

Jan 10, 2020 · After you delete the Dropbox account, you will be able to eliminate all the stored data from and all of your devices will be unsigned from the app. Therefore, if you want to know how to delete Dropbox account then read the instructions below: 1. After you have uninstalled the app, you need to log-in to from Safari. 2.

I use my Dropbox account and its files on several computers. I’m giving one of the computers away, but want to wipe it beforehand. Therefore, I want to wipe all Dropbox access from the giveaway computer without affecting the master files themselves or access to them from any of the other computers. Thank you for a safe way to do this. —John

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